Building stronger communities—together

We partner with clients and neighbors to impact our communities in meaningful ways.

The best investment we can make

The work we do in our local communities is steadfast and strong. We're celebrating the 10th anniversary of the BB&T Lighthouse Project by showcasing our associates’ commitment to serving our local communities.

[MUSIC PLAYING] There is a place where everyone is a member of the board, and shareholders are known for sharing, where coins don't make change, people do. There is a place where the mighty triumph over the mighty dollar, where wealth is measured by the number of lives touched, and the size of a check is powerless against the size of a heart. Out here, in this place we call home, paying it back doesn't come in the form of an IOU. It comes from asking, what can I do.


BB&T in the community

From funding education programs to lending a hand to charitable and faith-based organizations, BB&T is proud to join our friends and neighbors in building stronger and more vital communities. Here are a few of our programs that were specifically designed to help us meet these goals.

BB&T Lighthouse Project

The Lighthouse Project is an annual, company-wide community service effort that brings together thousands of associates to serve as a beacon for our neighbors in need.

Social responsibility

Find out more about how BB&T is making the world a better place to live for our clients, associates, communities and shareholders.

Community Development

BB&T has always been a partner, an advocate and a force for change. Our vision is to enrich our neighborhoods through community development leadership and innovation, while fulfilling the mission of the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA).

Multicultural banking

BB&T is dedicated to attracting and retaining diverse clients and associates across our organization—so that we reflect the communities we serve.

Financial knowledge

BB&T provides interactive tools and training programs to increase financial education for all ages.


We celebrate the American dream of prosperity and success for people of all backgrounds. We seek to assist DACA (Deferred Access for Childhood Arrivals) recipients in every way that we can as they work for their future.

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