Why BB&T?

Our culture reflects our vision, mission and values

Since 1872, BB&T has operated on the principle that each individual is capable of making a positive impact on the organization. It's a belief that has allowed BB&T to evolve into one of the financial service industry's highest performers.

Our success as an organization is based on the vision, mission and values that comprise the BB&T culture.

Vision & mission

At BB&T, we have two powerful passions: our vision and our mission. These passions drive our focus and energy, and our top achievers do all they can every day to fulfill our vision and mission.

  • BB&T vision
    To create the best financial institution possible—the best of the best.
  • BB&T mission
    We're dedicated to:
    • Helping our clients achieve economic success and financial security
    • Creating a place where our employees can learn, grow and be fulfilled in their work
    • Making the communities in which we work better places to be
    • Optimizing the long-term return to our shareholders, while providing a safe and sound investment


Our values are the building blocks of our organization's excellence. They provide the context for how we make decisions and operate our business.

Our values are built on a framework of character, judgment, success and happiness.

  • Character – To have character, one must be honest and have integrity. Without honesty, there is no trust. We must act according to our principles and never compromise them for any situation.
  • Judgment – Judgment is about thinking clearly and making rational decisions. We value people who take time to analyze the facts and have the courage to make independent decisions.
  • Success – Success is about productivity and working together as a team. It’s about the commitment to get the job done and doing what needs to be done—both as an individual and as a team player.
  • Happiness – Happiness is the result of finding a purpose in life that drives us to be passionate about our accomplishments. It’s about a sense of self-esteem and pride in how we live our lives.

BB&T is committed to maintaining a culture that teaches, supports and reinforces our values.


We believe diverse teams enhance the creativity and innovation that BB&T needs to be successful in the financial services industry.

BB&T fosters respect and appreciation for individual differences including, but not limited to, race, sexual orientation, military status and disability.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion:

  • Helps us create innovative products and provide superior client service
  • Strengthens our ability to attract and retain associates with different backgrounds, experiences, ideas, and skills and advance their careers
  • Supports the economic growth of our communities through outreach efforts
  • Fosters strong partnerships with diverse suppliers and business owners
  • Positively impacts business revenues with increased sales, profits and greater returns for our shareholders

At BB&T, we also have a great appreciation for military veterans. We thank them for their sacrifice and their service. We believe that hiring veterans isn't just the "right thing to do," it's a smart investment and a savvy business decision. Veterans who work at BB&T make us a better company every day because of their leadership skills, commitment and work ethic.

The varied life and business experiences of all our associates help us deliver better products and services and build better relationships with our clients.

Community involvement

AT BB&T, we highly value community involvement, and we're committed to creating a positive impact in the communities we serve.

  • Community development lending – Our community development lending performance exhibits an outstanding level of commitment to meeting the credit needs of the communities we serve. In 2015, we gave over $1.6 million in annual development lending.
  • Community investments – BB&T works diligently with government agencies, tax-credit syndicates and nonprofits to seek investment and charitable contribution opportunities. Our corporate investments include Low-Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC), Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credits (HTC), Small Business Investment Company (SBIC), bonds and several other impactful offerings.
  • Community development services – BB&T conducts community development service initiatives to connect with individuals and organizations in our communities. Our service activities and outreach programs cover topics such as capacity building, financial education, asset building, micro/small business assistance and community development finance.

BB&T associates serve our communities as members of more than 1,100 nonprofit boards and committees. In addition, our associates provide qualified community development services to teach homeownership education, credit management, basic banking information and money/savings management. These services are offered to the low- and moderate-income community through partnerships with the many city and county governments and nonprofit organizations within the bank's footprint.

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Job seekers with disabilities

For accommodation, call Human Systems at 866-362-6451 or send an email to Accessibility@BBandT.com.

Leadership and career programs

Our training programs help associates excel in their roles and advance their careers.


We're firmly rooted in the communities we serve. From funding education programs to lending a hand to charitable and faith-based organizations, BB&T is proud to join our friends and neighbors in building stronger and more vital communities.

BB&T supports a diverse workforce and is an Equal Opportunity Employer who does not discriminate against individuals on the basis of race, gender, color, religion, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, veteran status or other classification protected by law. Drug Free Workplace.

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